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              About Spotlight Images  

Steve's love of photography throughout his life was the motivator that led to Spotlight Images.  He has done extensive course work through the Mid-American Institute of Professional Photography education program conducted at the University of Northern Iowa campus.  Steve attends professional imaging seminars regularly led by the country's most noteworthy photographers.

As a result, Spotlight Images is able to keep their images current and to offer their clients products that are becoming popular in other parts of the country. 

Spotlight Images has made the conscious decision to distinguish itself by the quality of the imagery and by the personal service it provides for each client.  In that manner, the photography is tailored to each client's unique needs.  

Spotlight Images studio is actually located in a relaxed setting near a pond in rural Robins in spite of the Cedar Rapids address, which is needed to satisfy the post office mail delivery system.

You are cordially invited to discuss your photographic needs with Steve.  Please call 319.378.1516 for an appointment or E-mail a note.